Paper Stories

Two stories for you this week, such loveliness…..In preparing for a MEGA yard sale to support GLIOBLASTOMA Awareness (We Heart John’s Brain) I came across a letter written in 1938 as part of a class project. The writer tells “Dear Nester” how the teacher gave instructions for a pen pal Air Mail letter writing project and “I hope you will respond” …it was such a sweet and thoughtful letter to a stranger “If I knew better your hobbies and habits this letter would be more interesting”. Naturally, I did a search to find any information on the writer or the receiver. Since the letter was purchased sometime last year with batch of postcards from an estate sale, not surprising that the death notice of the recipient was quickly found. The writer was a bit more difficult as the name was fairly common in Rhode Island, still gleaned some interesting information and even more exciting that the school is still open.

The archivist was happy to hear about the letter and interested in seeing the item. In a satisfying conclusion to my search, the letter has been sent to the place it came from 80 years ago.


The second tidbit is not paper in my hands but an archive of photographs taken in Detroit in the early 1930s and 40s – by Edward Stanton. The Reuther Library is hoping to identify some of the children in the photographs. This is the type of story so very dear to my heart. It would be wonderful if someone could give names to at least a few of these adorable kids!


Please share the story “Detroit, Do you know these children?” ! There are more photos to view and information in the original story, please read and share.



1950s Pulp Erotica

What a strange and interesting time it was in the 1950s — the war ended and the economy took off, meanwhile people became such an odd dichotomy; some struggling to be normal, appear the same and follow ridged guidelines of looks and behavior and others who would never fit in and struggled to both belong somewhere and rebel.

Which side would you (are you???) be on???

Are you here ……


or here …..


Is it possible to be both??? Just found a box of 1950s pulp erotic fiction and oh my ….even I am a little shocked ….They didn’t just say that did they??? whew….I feel a flush and a faint comin on sensibilities are swooning ……excuse me while I get on the porch swing with my lemonade and a book hidden inside a book…..don’t mind me.

How do you say something so incredibly insane?

My brother has brain cancer. Its not a phrase that rolls off your tongue like “My Brother is a genius” or “I can’t remember a time he wasn’t right there”.  Yet all of these phrases are true. My younger brother has brain cancer. He is not only a genius but the guy that every one comes to, everyone asks to figure something out, help with a project and John always says YES.


At only 2 years apart, I really can’t remember a time when he wasn’t just right there. A touch away, a moment away, a phone call always answered. For 50 years John as been the guy that everyone else turns to and his nature is generous to a fault.

For the first time in his life, John (and his lovely family) are asking for OUR help … difficult as it is to be the one who needs something – so i am extending this story out into the world – and asking for anyone that reads this or shares this story ….to please help my brother with his medical bills and the odd expenses of working full time to beat this disease. 


One last note on a more entertaining level …..If you are participating in FREE COMIC DAY tomorrow..which you really should be doing …PLEASE do not confuse the time of day with your participation in WORLD WIDE NAKED GARDENING day ….especially without lots of sun screen.


Paper, Tree, Photo ….I’m creating a link to justify my ping back..and so I can share some photos

I am a tree hugger. Its true. I don’t just have a paper fetish, its a whole tree thing as well. I walk my dog Sam every day in the park near my house and it usually results in the actual hugging of trees. This is Sam on one of our walks: Image04252013084245


I document the changes of the trees a few times a week by taking photos. Sometimes I use the pictures in other art projects, but mostly I just feel happy being with the trees and the idea that this sometimes becomes one of my favorite obsessions…Paper.

This is one side of our park;



And this is today’s photograph ….a Friday rainy day picture …my offering to something abstract for the Daily Post, which happens to have posted a picture of a tree ….like minds or what? This is the texture that drew me this morning: IMG_0188

It was the lava-esque wave and graduated color that drew me in and said LOOK HERE and love me! Alligator scales? Burnt eggs in the pan? Cooling lava pool? ….No its pre-paper.

RPPC Real Photo Postcards

I so enjoy researching the objects I find, and as you know – that includes postcards. The card itself tells so many good details, providing a rich history and from that a way to find out more of the story. Yet, so often with RCCP or real photo postcards we are left to wonder. In the earliest days of photography small(er) cameras allowed traveling salesmen to offer a unique and incredible service. Taking candid at home photos of you or your family. Moving around was the money so they didn’t stay in one place too long. Families took the opportunity to capture that moment on mailing cards. Some where sent off to friends and relatives but often they were kept as mementos, too important to mail! The cards I come across in plenty are pictures of babies, children and large family groups. A majority of the time they come with very little or no information.


This handsome young man and house came together in an envelop from Northville, Michigan…with no written details, I don’t know if they are from the area or just part of a collection like mine of random postcards. A distant relative from a far off land? Is this his house? His parents home? A place he or the owner visited once?

Vintage Postcards 001

These three items came from estate sales in different areas – I can only guess what stories might have lead to these being taken, where or who they might be is a mystery. I do love a mystery.







This is one of my favorite finds, its clearly a wedding photo and with a message on the back I was able to discover the language and the names. The costumes give the general time period. Such a happy and excited couple, the rest of the story writes itself in my head …..I’d like to think this modern 1950’s couple from Eastern Europe found love and happiness with lots of babies and grand-babies while running their bed & breakfast in the beautiful Serbian countryside.

Find other interesting photo postcards at the eBay store for paper collectibles and other weird vintage items Clover’s Closet


The Library Bag Sale: A Papermaven’s Version of Heaven

aaahhhhh sweet dreams are made of paper …..One of my favorite authors is offering a free ebook through amazon today (Lawrence Block, but I think the offer expires in an hour?)….but I just can’t make myself do it …..I need the book in my hands. I know. I’m a dying breed. I want the smell, the texture, the weight of it, yes – even the dust.

Last weekend one of the local libraries had their annual sale. My sister in law, niece and I have been going for many years. Its a girls day out. We start our hunt and just when you might think our bags are full, we have a secret corner to hide in and reorganize our items. Putting aside things that we just grabbed because, well….we could. Then suddenly one of us has a quarter of a bag to fill and someone will stay with the full bags while the others continue the hunt. Miraculously the person guarding the bags will find an inch or two at the top of a bag and when the other return she can dash for one or two more items.

There is such a lovely truly happy feeling when the boy scouts (literally, they are boy scouts from a local troop) load the bags in the car…but then driving home there are these moments of feeling like they just didn’t have has much as last year. Until you unpack at home. Suddenly, its a plethora of books. Two, sometimes three new stacks. I really controlled myself this year and only bought 1 bag.

On the responsible side of my tale, there are a few I will list to sell on eBay. Therefore waving any guilt I have about buying more paper, adding to the piles and adding to the joy of spending those hours comparing finds with two of my favorite people.