Piles, Books, Scattered Mind, Happiness

Waking up this morning I thought of a new way I could organize my books ..It would mean a lot of work and some serious moving of large objects like books shelves, Godzilla figures, a boyfriend….but wouldn’t I be better ? Happier? More inclined to write, draw, clean and finish those art projects?

If I just had all my books about film in one room – wouldn’t I be more likely to finish that book I’ve been planning?

When my reference books on glass and vintage art deco era pottery were all in one place wouldn’t I become an expert who doesn’t really even need those books anymore?

If every one of my Nancy Drew were on THAT shelf right near the desk, would I stop buying the same one twice because I forgot I had it? (Ha!)

Its true. I have a scattered brain. I promised myself to write every day this week and so my mind came up with 12 ideas that involved moving, cleaning, reorganizing and going out to get something rather than sitting here at the desk doing the very thing my mind craves every day. Writing words.

Why does doing the dishes only seem appealing when there is yard work to be done? The grocery shopping is a drag unless its the day I should clean the bathroom.

and yet …if I moved all the boxes of postcards into the living room, I could sit and sort in a sunny spot …..and then that would mean moving the chair that I haven’t cleaned behind since spring …Okay …Gotta go……


(Stock image, not my books)


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