The Brown Derby — From Ohio to Hollywood & Vine

The Brown Derby is one of those iconic Hollywood eateries that you can imagine all the movie stars having a cocktail and a meal during the GOLDEN AGE of Hollywood …it must have been there forever and anyone who is everyone probably went there ….except ….its not …Its a New York jump to the Midwest (Ohio) on the way to Wilshire but popped on over to Hollyweird first………..

Taking note this postcard specified the Wilshire location it only took a google search to discover that while it was the second California location with the derby style building, it was not the same as the original HOLLYWOOD location …only a quick 40 minute jaunt down the road from Wilshire and Rodeo to the Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street location was the real celebrity eatery……so there ya goooo…..2 Brown Derby resturants with in an hour of each other, one super popular with celebs (Hollywood) and one super well known / often mistaken for the other (Wilshire). If you are postcard collecting you’ll want one of each location from various eras.

NOW …to something super hero cool…..Hardcover Collector Editions …from DC ….A must have to enhance any comic book collection. These archive editions are SUPER FINE !!



THE FLASH Vol 2 & 3 from DC Comic Archive Editions…….there are more including Batman, Shazam and Superman but these were just so cool because of the cover art ..The styling is slick and modern ….one of those things that you almost need  2 of so you can read one and save. But really how awesome! A hardcover collection of your favorite comic books …WHO thought of that?

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend paper lovelies …….Kiss those paper cuts!!


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