Ad MAN Its a story you build yourself into

Every picture tells a story ( according to Rod Stewart) and the Ad Men (and women) of print tell you a story that you build yourself inside of …..What a trick of the imagination that one well placed advertisement can make you want to be the owner of something …and in America that something is usually a car ……..


a charming couple ride highway 101 along the coast….



Your tiger luxuriates along those bench seats ….There is nothing you can’t be when it comes to cars ……

Where do you imagine yourself? With all the talk about self driving cars, a generation moving away from fossil fuels & magazines going out of publication ……I’m curious what will happen to that dream of moving along the highway ….the freedom and self expression we’ve gotten as a culture from our it soon to be a thing of the past? How big of a solar panel would a 1972 Cadillac need??


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