My first car was 1971 Barracuda

I know, i know right? NOW I get it …but then I was just thrilled to have a car of my own to drive. My grandmother bought it new (GASP, she was actually COOL?) and in 1978 was trading up for a newer car. It was right as the muscle car was fading from day to day driving and heading into ‘vintage’. Yet, as I drove it to school and work I lamented the amount of gas (remember when we thought 75 cents was like an obnoxious amount to pay per gallon?), the cost of the insurance and having no clue what to do about things like oil changes and tires. All these many years later I find myself still so thrilled by the slim wide steering wheel, angle of the dash, the relation of the driver’s seat to the radio and those super skinny turn signals. Its like home. (stock photo)……..interior 69Dodge-Superbee-grn-DASH

My car was ordinary, a bland pale burnt orange paint (Gold, it turns out is the color) with a dull green interior…(stock photo) but still sleek and curved like the cool car it was at its core…..71

The type of car you have to call her for her lusciousness and soulful tapers….I still have a soft sweet spot for anything MOPAR Plymouth or Chrysler …So you know I was THRILLED to find this 1973 Chrysler dealer color & trim selection book ….oh ..the choices I would have made …..(and yes, why wasn’t I nicer to that car????? ugh to me)……(My photos) While it doesn’t have the Cuda, the choices for designing a Newport or a New Yorker is just as exciting…….the boxier, larger and more luxurious cars for sure ….but still..that Chrysler beauty ………



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