Booklets and Pocket Books for learning on the go

Such fun this week with small pamphlets and pocket books!

Did you know that Joe Bonomo was the stunt double for Lon Chaney Sr in the Hunchback of Notre Dome (1939) !? Well…after winning strong man contests and being a stunt double Mr. Bonomo went on to lend his name to instructional booklets for exercise and dance.


Then of course everyone has had a few of these in their kitchen junk drawers (or at Grandma’s house, sometimes I forget how old I am) …..a few pages of helpful recipes or instructions offered by NEW and IMPROVED products to help you during the holidays;


From the state of Indiana, a typed recipe booklet 


Kraft Oil temps you with 20 Wonderful Cake Recipes !

But here I think is my favorite, something I would have used and carried with me as a pre teen ..worried about school clothes or remembering sizes and styles for shopping and those do and don’t sections of magazines:

The Fashion Flattery for Teens booklet is just a few pages but full of hints and must knows for being a teenager ..fabric choices, sizes, hairstyles …a reference guide by Singer Stylemakers….I can imagine having it along side my Vogue or McCalls with Twiggy on the cover comparing my options……


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