Paper Stories

Two stories for you this week, such loveliness…..In preparing for a MEGA yard sale to support GLIOBLASTOMA Awareness (We Heart John’s Brain) I came across a letter written in 1938 as part of a class project. The writer tells “Dear Nester” how the teacher gave instructions for a pen pal Air Mail letter writing project and “I hope you will respond” …it was such a sweet and thoughtful letter to a stranger “If I knew better your hobbies and habits this letter would be more interesting”. Naturally, I did a search to find any information on the writer or the receiver. Since the letter was purchased sometime last year with batch of postcards from an estate sale, not surprising that the death notice of the recipient was quickly found. The writer was a bit more difficult as the name was fairly common in Rhode Island, still gleaned some interesting information and even more exciting that the school is still open.

The archivist was happy to hear about the letter and interested in seeing the item. In a satisfying conclusion to my search, the letter has been sent to the place it came from 80 years ago.


The second tidbit is not paper in my hands but an archive of photographs taken in Detroit in the early 1930s and 40s – by Edward Stanton. The Reuther Library is hoping to identify some of the children in the photographs. This is the type of story so very dear to my heart. It would be wonderful if someone could give names to at least a few of these adorable kids!


Please share the story “Detroit, Do you know these children?” ! There are more photos to view and information in the original story, please read and share.



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