1950s Pulp Erotica

What a strange and interesting time it was in the 1950s — the war ended and the economy took off, meanwhile people became such an odd dichotomy; some struggling to be normal, appear the same and follow ridged guidelines of looks and behavior and others who would never fit in and struggled to both belong somewhere and rebel.

Which side would you (are you???) be on???

Are you here ……


or here …..


Is it possible to be both??? Just found a box of 1950s pulp erotic fiction and oh my ….even I am a little shocked ….They didn’t just say that did they??? whew….I feel a flush and a faint comin on ..my sensibilities are swooning ……excuse me while I get on the porch swing with my lemonade and a book hidden inside a book…..don’t mind me.


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