How do you say something so incredibly insane?

My brother has brain cancer. Its not a phrase that rolls off your tongue like “My Brother is a genius” or “I can’t remember a time he wasn’t right there”.  Yet all of these phrases are true. My younger brother has brain cancer. He is not only a genius but the guy that every one comes to, everyone asks to figure something out, help with a project and John always says YES.


At only 2 years apart, I really can’t remember a time when he wasn’t just right there. A touch away, a moment away, a phone call always answered. For 50 years John as been the guy that everyone else turns to and his nature is generous to a fault.

For the first time in his life, John (and his lovely family) are asking for OUR help … difficult as it is to be the one who needs something – so i am extending this story out into the world – and asking for anyone that reads this or shares this story ….to please help my brother with his medical bills and the odd expenses of working full time to beat this disease. 


One last note on a more entertaining level …..If you are participating in FREE COMIC DAY tomorrow..which you really should be doing …PLEASE do not confuse the time of day with your participation in WORLD WIDE NAKED GARDENING day ….especially without lots of sun screen.



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