RPPC Real Photo Postcards

I so enjoy researching the objects I find, and as you know – that includes postcards. The card itself tells so many good details, providing a rich history and from that a way to find out more of the story. Yet, so often with RCCP or real photo postcards we are left to wonder. In the earliest days of photography small(er) cameras allowed traveling salesmen to offer a unique and incredible service. Taking candid at home photos of you or your family. Moving around was the money so they didn’t stay in one place too long. Families took the opportunity to capture that moment on mailing cards. Some where sent off to friends and relatives but often they were kept as mementos, too important to mail! The cards I come across in plenty are pictures of babies, children and large family groups. A majority of the time they come with very little or no information.


This handsome young man and house came together in an envelop from Northville, Michigan…with no written details, I don’t know if they are from the area or just part of a collection like mine of random postcards. A distant relative from a far off land? Is this his house? His parents home? A place he or the owner visited once?

Vintage Postcards 001

These three items came from estate sales in different areas – I can only guess what stories might have lead to these being taken, where or who they might be is a mystery. I do love a mystery.







This is one of my favorite finds, its clearly a wedding photo and with a message on the back I was able to discover the language and the names. The costumes give the general time period. Such a happy and excited couple, the rest of the story writes itself in my head …..I’d like to think this modern 1950’s couple from Eastern Europe found love and happiness with lots of babies and grand-babies while running their bed & breakfast in the beautiful Serbian countryside.

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