The Library Bag Sale: A Papermaven’s Version of Heaven

aaahhhhh sweet dreams are made of paper …..One of my favorite authors is offering a free ebook through amazon today (Lawrence Block, but I think the offer expires in an hour?)….but I just can’t make myself do it …..I need the book in my hands. I know. I’m a dying breed. I want the smell, the texture, the weight of it, yes – even the dust.

Last weekend one of the local libraries had their annual sale. My sister in law, niece and I have been going for many years. Its a girls day out. We start our hunt and just when you might think our bags are full, we have a secret corner to hide in and reorganize our items. Putting aside things that we just grabbed because, well….we could. Then suddenly one of us has a quarter of a bag to fill and someone will stay with the full bags while the others continue the hunt. Miraculously the person guarding the bags will find an inch or two at the top of a bag and when the other return she can dash for one or two more items.

There is such a lovely truly happy feeling when the boy scouts (literally, they are boy scouts from a local troop) load the bags in the car…but then driving home there are these moments of feeling like they just didn’t have has much as last year. Until you unpack at home. Suddenly, its a plethora of books. Two, sometimes three new stacks. I really controlled myself this year and only bought 1 bag.

On the responsible side of my tale, there are a few I will list to sell on eBay. Therefore waving any guilt I have about buying more paper, adding to the piles and adding to the joy of spending those hours comparing finds with two of my favorite people.




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