Comic Book Heroes are now the Artists not just the Characters

There is a play in Seattle called, “KING KIRBY”…and a lot of people know what that means. 20 years ago I don’t think very many people would have known about Jack Kirby. These days not only is he known, there is a play about him and jokes on TV shows featuring nerds and comics are relate-able….Go Figure?

We are in an age where its not just Batman that is recognized, but the styles of Bob Kane (the original), Neal Adams and Jim Lee are noticed and discussed. Like the origin stories of characters that are so important to readers – the origins of the art and stories of the artists are becoming just as notable.

I’m currently listing a huge collection of “SGT. ROCK” books and delight in the discovery of character and story ..but also about art & the artist……..Joe Kubert has a huge legacy of not only creation but teaching. His school has produced several interesting artists such as Stephen Bissette and Rick Veitch. But I always enjoy going back, tracing things to the originator…Joe Kubert’s intensity and depth is one of the reasons Sgt. Rock is such an incredible character….like many of the main superheroes he is a flawed multidimensional human being. In the realm of comic books the book is judged by its cover, its like seeing the finale of the fireworks first. Kubert’s covers are some of the most dynamic stories in themselves……


I also wanted to make note of one of my favorite features in comic books, the advertising .. – taking me right back to the excitement of my childhood; there was something awe inspiring about saving up the money and waiting for a package in the mail. IMG_8580


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