Falling in Love with Paper

I’m certain my first love of paper was drawing or coloring, the things you give to kids when they are first developing small motor skills. Books, of course read by grandparents and mom at bedtime ……but oh that TV Guide. My Grandmother got the TV Guide Book every week. She would read through it, dog ear her pages, point out the funny tidbits about celebs or specials happening that week. It wasn’t until many years later when I was old enough to explore that I found the truth….in her attic.

A beautiful wardrobe, a light maple I think, with a water fall veneer…it had a hanging side and a drawer side. At first it was the usual boring sweaters, blankets….but then …in the drawers ….a second set of TV GUIDE BOOKS. Starting with the very first one; all neatly stacked filling up each drawer…..sigh. I didn’t dare touch them, but I periodically opened the drawers to glimpse at the covers on top and delighted in finding the new one in its place.

My Grandmother’s laugh is the thing I remember most about her, although she was deaf from birth and could speak only a few words with clarity – it was her laughter that spoke volumes. I can imagine now, as I have such reverence for paper and its messages how much it connected her to a world she didn’t participate in very much. Paper brought to her all the glamour, ideas, and humor that she shared with her family.

April of 1953 the first TV GUIDE to arrive:



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