Dear Papermaven, What is one of the most ethnically diverse paper collectibles?

Dear Reader, the answer is ..Baseball cards. What a full fun mixture of stories, ethnicity, and adventure.


IMG_8084 Gil McDougald (B 1928 – D 2010) spent 10 seasons with the New York Yankees and was 1951 Rookie of the year. He is a regular guy all american baseball story having a good solid career and unfortunately lost his hearing after being hit by a baseball in 1960.


Sandy Amoros (B 1930- D 1992) born in Havana Sandy played for the Brookly & LA Dodgers as well as the Detroit Tigers. A truly historic character of history, Amoros had run ins on the field with Yogi Berra and in life with Fidel Castro. Both stories well worth a bio-pic of baseball and American history.


George Crowe (B 1921 – D 2011) was a first basement with a nine year career.  He was elected to the National League All-Star team in 1958, although Crowe was not used in the All-Star Game. Crowe set a record for most pinch-hit home runs in major league baseball history with 14. (Wiki).


Enos Slaughter (B 1916 – D 2002) was nicknamed “Country” and able to bat left and throw right handed. Entered into the Hall of Fame in 1985, Enos had an interesting and varied career, known for his rough style of play with some indications of animosity towards Jackie Robinson (which he denied).


No paper cuts from baseball cards, wwhew!! Nice soft paper, handle with care.


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