I’ll list this and if it doesn’t sell..I’ll get to keep it……..

oh such words, muttered as an agreement when you fight with yourself over that balance between collector vs hoarder or seller vs desire …….its a hard argument that I’m never sure if I win or lose either way…….

This weeks discovery! I don’t usually pick up Book Club Editions ….but I don’t have this particular book and it was in such great shape …….IMG_6574

So I bought if for myself, with that same old argument …I’ll keep it if it doesn’t sell…and then …hahahha…first thing the next day – SOLD! Oh well…Glad I got to see it, touch it and know about it!

Next find of the week …IMG_6576 ……something I didn’t realize…..Jimmy Carter writes fiction? This one I had to grab, not only is it a fictionalized version of his family..but in LARGE PRINT >…so not listed for sale as of now because I think I need to read it and …well…its Jimmy. ooohhh arguing with myself over keeping paper! ugh…but its so cool!

Here is another one I did list, but am so glad I got to view it ….

even has a recipe for the Famous Beef Burgoyne IMG_6673

Such a great week for paper finds…..bandage those paper cuts!


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