Happy Birthday to Bela Lugosi ! Its my favorite time of year ……

I adore this time of year, there is something so spooky and yet refreshing about the crisp air, the blowing leaves, the colors so vibrant in the moments before the blandness of winter …….


and of course ..celebrating Bela Lugosi’s Birthday …..a tradition brought up by the notion of not having a specific anniversary or doing the typical Sweetest Day or Valentines Day exceptions …..When you are a fan of the horror and the creepy …..it only seems fitting ….Bela Ferenc Dezco Blasko was born October 20, 1882 in Hungary. Appearing in several films and on Broadway before becoming DRACULA (1931) on film …you couldn’t ask for a better Hollywood Tragedy than the rise and fall and film history of Bela Lugosi …….

but you know ..this is all leading to ..my favorite topic …paper……Every time I think I’m ready to hang some movie stills….I sort through and begin the process of framing only to be halted by limited space …..How to choose just the right combination and theme of some classic photographs from my favorite movies ……oh Bela ! You make it so difficult ……here are a couple of my favorites ……Yes, I’m definately settled on a Bela and Boris combination ….bu then…you have to include the bride right? and if you are going to just go for horror, you have to include some Vincent Price, a few Peter Lorre? …..No ……that wouldn’t be right with out also having the Mummy …..and what about Glenn Strange? Can you include Boris as Frankenstein without …….oh dear…..



oh Fiddle EEE stixxx!!

Nope….I still have to think about it (hahaha…see what I did there?)

Remember; honor thy paper cuts! Happy Birthday Bela!


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