A couple of random thoughts about Paper Lust


There is this thing the collectibles world – the box is almost as important as the item….In some cases that is true ..in others not so much …it depends on the era, the graphics, and the item itself. Some things are just SO AWESOME ..people want them ….and then there are some memories that are qued up by the graphics, sales ideas, or images of what we wanted the item is almost a side note. If the box is not in good shape ..then the item doesn’t matter as much. I can’t give you a definitive idea of what is which …but you know it when you see it. Pictured is the War of the Colossal Beast Model Kit (yes its for sale…)


For me, postcards and book covers are the ultimate post modern expression. They tell volumes without being that grand narrative- they are short, sweet and simple. The eye is attracted to the color and the balance, while the heart and mind are stimulated by the few details that help us create the story. These Happy Easter cards from early in the 20th century give us the idea that love and happiness abound. Purchases that are beautiful can be stamped and sent off to loved ones because we will always have more …and more ….


I can’t get this silly picture to turn the right way round ….Why is word press giving me a hard time today? I can only guess that its the way it should be and there is something upside down and fun about this writing, so why not just go with it? My Dad collected baseball cards…..he was about 10 and he saved all of his ice cream lids and baseball gum cards and probably spent his allowance on the rest of them …My grandmother collected TV guides, she had every single one of them in a wardrobe in the attic (I never asked but wondered how the heck they got that huge thing up those little steps??) she would read the book carefully from start to finish – knew what she wanted watch that week and then put it upstairs in a drawer. She would mark in the daily paper any shows she wanted to see and the paper would get thrown out the next day……When I see these cards I always think of the two of them saving all that delightful paper.

Be extra good to those paper cuts …..don’t forget your Mercurochrome (sting,wow.darn)


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