Postcards and Ringo Starr

This week in postcard heaven has been interesting …thinking about items for October and naturally I drifted to graveyards! Surprisingly I only have a few and most of them are for St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans ..featured often in movies such as  A Love Song For Bobby Long and Easy RiderIMG_6305 IMG_6307

A friend challenged me to update my music by only listening to songs published in 2015. Since I do tend to live in the land of the vintage it was a terrific challenge, I’ve been enjoying the discovery. To my delight, Mr .Ringo Starr has a new album ..the first song…Postcards from Paradise……is a reflection of previous Beatles hits taking you down memory lane with the visual aid of Postcards!! Thanks Ringo, you made me smile!

As it often happens my collection and research clicks with some other aspect of joy and becomes another learning moment…..worthwhile paper cuts of delight!!


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