Paper, Paper, so much Paper ……..

I’ve struggled this week with what to write about …what to share …the urge to scream and shout and wave paper around ….its just so silly and fun….but I also have to acknowledge that my relationship to paper has waned. I find myself being more and more digital….oh, I don’t need to keep that because I have a picture of it. I’ve been listening to more books on audio than actually reading. While it still counts and my brain is full…….its not the same relationship for me as holding the book, smelling the paper, ink and glue….I don’t want to loose that tactile relationship.

Yet, the stack on my bed side table is not moving….I listen while working on other things, while driving ..I take pictures with my phone and save them on the cloud rather than print and share……..I’ve become, like so many of us, caught up in this easy, multitasking multiple gadget digital age.

In light of that I spent some time the last few days making sure I dust off my books, read an article or two in a magazine, visit the library and most notably read the two books I’ve borrowed!

So three bookshelves are dusted, I’ve read two short stories in the SUN Magazine (issues from early this year, I’m catching up!), and started reading Sara Paretsky’s “Writing in the age of Silence”. Whew..only a few days into my project and I’m feeling lighter, more energetic and refreshed.  This accomplishment inspired me to get moving on the next issue of CREEPS TO COLOR (note a previous column about the coloring books). The 3rd installment of the coloring book is narrowed down to the right combination of creatures and choosing a cover model! WHEW….next is to set the printing and complete the cover art ….I’m thinking “EvEN MORE Creeps to Color” ….is a good name?

For today, I’m going to share with you ….the latest postcards, all food related and really…just creepy in their own way …lol……

 a postcard featuring a meat wrapping machine…..

celebrated because it only needs 1 Operator!! IMG_5971

and a TV Dinner photograph from circa 1955……I’m sure at the time it was riveting art …but … me ..its just very weird subject matter…..


Yes…I do realize its possible I’m the only one who finds these things delightful and fascinating…..I can live with that ….

and don’t forget …to honor those paper cuts!


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