Historical or Hysterical?

What a fun and delightful search it was this weekend. I know most of you have probaly heard of Frankenmuth, Michigan and the Barvarian Inn’s famous chicken dinner…but did you ever see it displayed with just cuteness? You have to admit, these outfits and happy faces make it a very tempting road trip!

IMG_5939 IMG_5940

But here I am fascinated by the retro cool diving suit and huge seafood Salad from Pappa’s in Tarpon Springs, Florida ………According to their website Pappa’s now has 4 locations. The founder Louis arrived from Greece in 1904 ….making this probably not the most vintage item to be found from this restaurant .. The main offices are still at this location …..and the menu items look amazing …..another worthy road trip destination!

IMG_5941 IMG_5942

Now….we have an interesting piece …..The Stockholm …..at first a Swedish Smorgasbord style restaurant with a night club atmosphere…and then…the location of the Detroit Playboy club …….I admit …it made me giggle …..but I had no idea the restaurant had such a rich and interesting history! The first items I found were other postcards from The Stockholm and its array of smorgasbord items…then a few comments about the playboy clubs ….

IMG_5943 IMG_5944

A few searches for the Detroit Playboy club itself and I came across a forum for former bunnies to connect with each other & an interesting biography …the stories are fascinating …. Playboy Bunny Jeanne and the Ex-Playboy Bunnies create a great inside look at the live and adventures of being a bunny! This is so much more than I ever expected to find!

Postcards from Las Vegas, Roadside America and more are available on eBay at Clover’s Closet! Where vintage paper items are loved !

don’t forget, a little Mercurochrome will clean that paper cut …..

p.s. adding a small tidbit …..so much to learn about the Playboy Bunnies; This amazing woman fashion designer Ms. Zelda Wynn Valdes created the original bunny outfit and when you see her sexy gowns and other fashions…it all makes sense! read up on her by following the link at her name!


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