Little bits of Frustration

I’m prompted today by failure and frustration. This weeks paper selection was so interesting, its information seemed plentiful …but I hit a wall.

We have names, dates, locations, but alas..a basic computer search leads to ..nothing else. Air Mail! how exciting; Hi POP! Your Devoted, Lodo ….I got all caught up in the use of her exclamation points !!

IMG_5760 IMG_5761

What we do know in June of 1970 Dr. A.S. Church was going to visit with Lodo that Saturday (was he going there? she coming here?)  but hadn’t been to Cape Cod in a while because…..he won’t recognize it …the picture on the postcard seems like the 1950’s but the postmark of 1970 and the note suggest that much change took place. Our POP of reference had an office in the amazing (and newly designated historical building) Fisher Building.

What real name would Lodo be a nick name for? What kind of Dr. was he? Did they see each other that Saturday? What sort of changes happened to Main Street Cape Cod?? Air Mail…..paying 8 cents for a 2 cent postcard ….oh my. How exciting!

don’t forget …cherish those paper cuts!


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