Nothing stays in Vegas; its all sent by Postcard

I have to confess…I’ve never been to Vegas. Not only do I dread HEAT but also the night life does nothing for me, nor drinking, nor gambling….so …its not my destination ideal……..Shows…..Now that I can go for….When I spot the signage visible in Vegas postcards I get a little twinkle of temptation to visit the strip…..Buddy Hackett….Frank Sinatra…..Dean Martin …..Debbie Reynolds….all my favorite vintage Hollywood …..sigh …..


but what could be more adorable than the comedy of Foster Brooks and the dancing singing styling of Juliet Prowse or the incomparable Redd Foxx w….many of you won’t even know who they are…but to those of us of a certain age …its delightful!)

Its of course the little details that really make a postcard intriguing even about a place I’ve never been ….the cars, the surrounding vistas…and one of my favorite things….signs…big bawdy neon signs….


In this collection above …the flashy neon at night creates a true playground atmosphere that I can only imagine happens each sundown in Las Vegas!

Yet, some of the most delightful are those not in the heart of Vegas but the road side motels and motor courts. Small places that represent a time and place,  family friendly , station wagons and at a glance tell of swimming, cable tv and some of the best sleep you’ll ever have …..

and please remember, clean those paper cuts!


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