Someone just fell into my dream of finding paper ……and Urban Exploring!

How completely weird and random that after writing two short blurbs about the Urban exploring postcard from the SF Suicide club, a Detroit Urban Explorer not only splunks in some awesome buildings in my city but stumbles across….yes…you guessed it ….PAPER ….and not just paper but yummy fun paper worth a lot of potential money. AAAAHHHHHHHHHh……its like ..they stumbled into my dream and with a huge broom swept my fantasy into their own pockets. Its fair to say that for a few weeks I will be in awe and hate them rabidly.

This creates a duel problem for me, how do I now turn my meager paper findings into something you will not only read but actually care about? I’m stuttering ..with ….doubt and ….frustration ….I mean ..SERIOUSLY? hashtag bummed.  hashtag WTF?

We shall try to find our voice and persevere. We must. We can. We shall. or ….oh screw it ….

This week the paper hunt found a few movie stills, black and white photographs of favorite films. Again, as with most of the items we discuss, its difficult to decide what to keep and what to sell. Selling is after all, the business we are in and the way to buy more delicious discoveries. However, in this instance its all about the other addiction we suffer with …movies. Not just, oh yeah that was so good, you should see that …no we have movies that are as close to perfection as a film can become.  Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein (1931 & 1935) were directed and written for screen by James Whale,


This particular photo is a treasure because it captures some key elements of the story in one amazing shot. Dr. Pretorius leans ever so seductively on of all things…a coffin. While the monster, both dangerous and childlike holds a skull. Certainly the monster has begun to understand the concept of life and death but not in the same context as the manipulative Doctor!

I also have two that feature Karl (Fritz) and again, thrilling not just because of Dwight Frye’s incredible expressions but also the juxtapose of him in the frame with the skeleton, life (worth living) and death (more viable? entertaining?).

and for those of us that are just monster kids and huge fans no matter what of Lugosi and Karloff, I regretfully am selling one of my last stills from “Son of Frankenstein” (1939) featuring the monster (Boris Karloff) and the Ygor (Bela Lugosi)  – again featuring the juxtaposition of outer perhaps ugly creature violent yet innocent and the inner voice, quiet & meak yet controlling.



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