A Random rant about paper and writing and more paper, and a picture.

Writing last week was a chore ..I had a senior freeze up — You know like every single thing you have to write in senior year (high school / college / whatever), you have said it all before, there is no point, there are no words, its all …..blank page is staring at me again.

The SF Suicide Postcard was such a fun thing to find and research. Yet, my words tumbled over each other and fell flat to the floor …bloomp. blah. I won’t try to hide it or redo it into something ‘fresh’ and ‘clever’ because lets face it ..thousands upon thousands of my fans have already seen it and its just too late to recreate that moment. I wanted to talk about the photo and how random it would be for me to forgo the party aspect and search through the paper strewn around …because ..well..that’s what I do….


SF Suicide Club – an urban exploring ‘club’ that used flash mobs and social events to explore the city of San Francisco in the 1970s-80ish. Please comment if you have any personal knowledge ….we all would love to know more about it and especially WHO these people are in the picture or WHERE (discretely of course, we don’t want anyone to get in trouble). Thanks.

So this week – I found a few interesting bobs and bits. First, a batch of Alligator postcards .(listed on eBay)…..I had no idea I even owned……wow….These are linen, the color is incredible and the subject matter, while not my personal collection item, I find so amazing.


I also found these ..which just still make me laugh ..


Thats right ladies and gentlemen ..you too can tell the future by picking from a selection of cards featuring 1930s and 40s actresses to find your wife and number of kids ….lol….My favorite is the one that predicts your only child will actually be a monkey. A few of the female photographs look vaguely familiar..but the selection of men’s cards are obvious …from Valentino to Chaplin …


These are postcard size arcade give away cards ..blank on the back..but usually with some fun element or bathing beauties…..I’m not sure the moment what to do with them …I was thinking I might have to start my own business as a fortune teller and charge a quarter to pick a card for you …….

That’s all for today folks, and don’t forget to ….thoroughly clean those paper cuts!


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