Piles, Books, Scattered Mind, Happiness

Waking up this morning I thought of a new way I could organize my books ..It would mean a lot of work and some serious moving of large objects like books shelves, Godzilla figures, a boyfriend….but wouldn’t I be better ? Happier? More inclined to write, draw, clean and finish those art projects?

If I just had all my books about film in one room – wouldn’t I be more likely to finish that book I’ve been planning?

When my reference books on glass and vintage art deco era pottery were all in one place wouldn’t I become an expert who doesn’t really even need those books anymore?

If every one of my Nancy Drew were on THAT shelf right near the desk, would I stop buying the same one twice because I forgot I had it? (Ha!)

Its true. I have a scattered brain. I promised myself to write every day this week and so my mind came up with 12 ideas that involved moving, cleaning, reorganizing and going out to get something rather than sitting here at the desk doing the very thing my mind craves every day. Writing words.

Why does doing the dishes only seem appealing when there is yard work to be done? The grocery shopping is a drag unless its the day I should clean the bathroom.

and yet …if I moved all the boxes of postcards into the living room, I could sit and sort in a sunny spot …..and then that would mean moving the chair that I haven’t cleaned behind since spring …Okay …Gotta go……


(Stock image, not my books)


The Brown Derby — From Ohio to Hollywood & Vine

The Brown Derby is one of those iconic Hollywood eateries that you can imagine all the movie stars having a cocktail and a meal during the GOLDEN AGE of Hollywood …it must have been there forever and anyone who is everyone probably went there ….except ….its not …Its a New York jump to the Midwest (Ohio) on the way to Wilshire but popped on over to Hollyweird first………..

Taking note this postcard specified the Wilshire location it only took a google search to discover that while it was the second California location with the derby style building, it was not the same as the original HOLLYWOOD location …only a quick 40 minute jaunt down the road from Wilshire and Rodeo to the Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street location was the real celebrity eatery……so there ya goooo…..2 Brown Derby resturants with in an hour of each other, one super popular with celebs (Hollywood) and one super well known / often mistaken for the other (Wilshire). If you are postcard collecting you’ll want one of each location from various eras.

NOW …to something super hero cool…..Hardcover Collector Editions …from DC ….A must have to enhance any comic book collection. These archive editions are SUPER FINE !!



THE FLASH Vol 2 & 3 from DC Comic Archive Editions…….there are more including Batman, Shazam and Superman but these were just so cool because of the cover art ..The styling is slick and modern ….one of those things that you almost need  2 of so you can read one and save. But really how awesome! A hardcover collection of your favorite comic books …WHO thought of that?

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend paper lovelies …….Kiss those paper cuts!!

Ad MAN Its a story you build yourself into

Every picture tells a story ( according to Rod Stewart) and the Ad Men (and women) of print tell you a story that you build yourself inside of …..What a trick of the imagination that one well placed advertisement can make you want to be the owner of something …and in America that something is usually a car ……..


a charming couple ride highway 101 along the coast….



Your tiger luxuriates along those bench seats ….There is nothing you can’t be when it comes to cars ……

Where do you imagine yourself? With all the talk about self driving cars, a generation moving away from fossil fuels & magazines going out of publication ……I’m curious what will happen to that dream of moving along the highway ….the freedom and self expression we’ve gotten as a culture from our automobiles..is it soon to be a thing of the past? How big of a solar panel would a 1972 Cadillac need??

My first car was 1971 Barracuda

I know, i know right? NOW I get it …but then I was just thrilled to have a car of my own to drive. My grandmother bought it new (GASP, she was actually COOL?) and in 1978 was trading up for a newer car. It was right as the muscle car was fading from day to day driving and heading into ‘vintage’. Yet, as I drove it to school and work I lamented the amount of gas (remember when we thought 75 cents was like an obnoxious amount to pay per gallon?), the cost of the insurance and having no clue what to do about things like oil changes and tires. All these many years later I find myself still so thrilled by the slim wide steering wheel, angle of the dash, the relation of the driver’s seat to the radio and those super skinny turn signals. Its like home. (stock photo)……..interior 69Dodge-Superbee-grn-DASH

My car was ordinary, a bland pale burnt orange paint (Gold, it turns out is the color) with a dull green interior…(stock photo) but still sleek and curved like the cool car it was at its core…..71

The type of car you have to call her for her lusciousness and soulful tapers….I still have a soft sweet spot for anything MOPAR Plymouth or Chrysler …So you know I was THRILLED to find this 1973 Chrysler dealer color & trim selection book ….oh ..the choices I would have made …..(and yes, why wasn’t I nicer to that car????? ugh to me)……(My photos) While it doesn’t have the Cuda, the choices for designing a Newport or a New Yorker is just as exciting…….the boxier, larger and more luxurious cars for sure ….but still..that Chrysler beauty ………


Hotel California

Opened in 1903, The Potter Hotel in Santa Barbara ….. a romantic setting, an international reputation, a mysterious fire…..You can just imagine can’t you? the clothes, the cars, World War 1…luxury along the wild coast of California ……IMG_1798


Coronado Hotel and Tent city in San Diego Postcard ….such an incredibly rich history…but features the start in 1900 of tent city a less expensive than the Coronado Hotel peaked in 1914 with 10,000 visitors. IMG_1911


On the corner of Sixth and Alvarado Los Angeles California the beautiful Leighton Hotel (now the Ansonia Apartments) viewed from Westlake Park (now MacArthur Park Lake) has been used in many television shows and films …the site of a grisly murder suicide ..




Booklets and Pocket Books for learning on the go

Such fun this week with small pamphlets and pocket books!

Did you know that Joe Bonomo was the stunt double for Lon Chaney Sr in the Hunchback of Notre Dome (1939) !? Well…after winning strong man contests and being a stunt double Mr. Bonomo went on to lend his name to instructional booklets for exercise and dance.


Then of course everyone has had a few of these in their kitchen junk drawers (or at Grandma’s house, sometimes I forget how old I am) …..a few pages of helpful recipes or instructions offered by NEW and IMPROVED products to help you during the holidays;


From the state of Indiana, a typed recipe booklet 


Kraft Oil temps you with 20 Wonderful Cake Recipes !

But here I think is my favorite, something I would have used and carried with me as a pre teen ..worried about school clothes or remembering sizes and styles for shopping and those do and don’t sections of magazines:

The Fashion Flattery for Teens booklet is just a few pages but full of hints and must knows for being a teenager ..fabric choices, sizes, hairstyles …a reference guide by Singer Stylemakers….I can imagine having it along side my Vogue or McCalls with Twiggy on the cover comparing my options……

Writing, Reading and adding things up ….

The last time I wrote something long and twisted on actual paper was a struggle to remember …I was trying to restart a journal and pulled out one that had only a few pages filled up. Then there is a note book that has notes of research and remnants of ideas for a story. Both were a few years ago and while the notebook sits here on my desk, I haven’t read it or added to it since. The journal is back on the shelf. I can’t even claim its waiting for more.

Most of my notes and thoughts are jotted on the notes section of my phone or list of jagged thoughts on a word document or said to someone on social media (shortened to fit comment sections, photo ops or twitters). Most of my words are short lived of good ideas and vague remembrances of lost ideas. I spend a lot of time touching, sorting and thinking about other people’s paper.

Letters to my Grandmother are typed out – I’ve given up on having decent readable handwriting. Grocery store lists are sometimes jotted on scraps of paper but most often left behind. Its been ages and ages since any book has driven me to take notes of needed questions or discussion points.

I wander through this idea of my own paper nostalgically but not wistfully ..I have no secret desire to get back to long hand legal pad bad scribbling. Yet, I do wonder if my brain would be better off with words on paper. Everything else I adore and admire comes from the actual paper …*as she glances longingly at the notebook with great American novel idea inside …….